DiMe — Optimizing Digital Medicine Regulations

By Digitalis Commons

May 11, 2020

DiMe — Optimizing Digital Medicine Regulations

Digital Medicine (DiMe) Society, has come up with a new toolkit to help experts voice their opinion in the creation of new federal regulations. When Federal Agencies issue new regulations or rules, they are required to solicit and consider public input. While the process can seem obscure and difficult to navigate, it is a powerful opportunity to affect regulatory procedure.

DiMe has established a process to dynamically assemble regulations that impact the field of digital medicine. Its goal is to make it easy—through templates and examples for its community of experts to share their insights and provide broad expert input to the next generation of digital regulation in healthcare.

Through DiMe, we encourage you to make your voice heard and participate in the democratic process.


The Digitalis Commons serves on Dime’s strategic advisory board, and was a founding financial sponsor for the society.